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WP Fix Required??

Posted by JD on December 7, 2006

It’s not exactly a bug…but here’s what i did…

I tried to add a link to my blogroll using the “control bar at the top” while surfing WP sites…

though the link was added it was NOT assigned to any category…which means it wont be visible on your blog…by default…

is it like a security feature so that malicious blogs don’t add themselves to your blogroll?

if its not…

now, i’m not a web programmer or something but it only makes sense to me that the link should automatically be included under the Category “Blogroll”…makes sense right?

otherwise we need to manually edit the entry…sure, i’m not THAT lazy but my neighbour is…
i didn’t mean it, bob (my neighbour)…:)

just a bit of feedback…:D don’t hurt me…

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