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The Easter Bunny HATES YOU!!!! HATES YOU!!!

Posted by JD on November 8, 2006

check out this VERY VERY FUNNY!!

Obviously, this has become a very famous Vid after being featured on Tv…
but for people who don’t know “The Easter Bunny HATES YOU!!!!”…he’s comming for you and will kick your ass…i mean it…


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Happy Birthday Bryan!

Posted by JD on November 5, 2006


Go Bryan Go Bryan,
it’s your birthday
it’s your birthday

Well, Today that is 5th November is Bryan Adams Birthday!!
Here’s Wishing the Rocker a very happy birthday!! whooohooo…

Bryan was born on 5 November 1959, Kingston, Ontario….He’ll be 47….
The Canadian Rocker has delivered a ton of great albums and proved he’s not getting any older and he’s just getting started…

Bryan Adams (1980)
You Want It You Got It (1981)
Cuts Like a Knife (1983)
Reckless (1984)
Into the Fire (1987)
Live! Live! Live! (1988, released in U.S. 1994)
Waking up the Neighbours (1991)
So Far So Good (1993)
18 til I Die (1996)
Unplugged (1997)
On a Day Like Today (1998)
The Best of Me released worldwide (1999)
Do To You What You Do To Me (2001)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (film soundtrack) (2002)
Room Service (2004)
Anthology (2005)

Read more at Bryan’s Wiki

Bryan Adam’s is one of my Favorite Musicians…His raw dusty voice makes you sit up and listen…My favourite singles include

Here i am
I will always Return (from Spirit)
Sound the Bugle
Flying (Room Service)
18 till i die
Summer of 69

i did watch him when he toured india…unfortunately, couldn’t get tickets…but still…

last time i heard he was still 18…:D

Good Luck, Bryan! 🙂
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Light a Million Candles (Petition)

Posted by JD on November 2, 2006

We don’t need your money, we just want your support!


This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child pornography.

Please sign a petition and do your part in Eradicating Child Pornography!!
Help Spread the word!


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New Sitcoms On Star World

Posted by JD on November 1, 2006

Star World, has been running out of new shows to fill its daytime/evening slots…

would you believe it actually shows “kNight Rider” and then 12 hours later Baywatch…I mean thats a huge dose of David HasselHoff…

Anyways world just brought up new sitcomms for it Thursday prime time slots…(Must see tv sortta thingy)

Here are my thoughts…

Hope and Faith : a very very bad comedy…Kelly Ripa sure looks hot but that’s all she does…in ridiculously colourfull outfits (which can blind you if you stare directly at them.) she prances around like a 16 year old.
there isn’t a single instance i can recall that classifies as “Funny” or “SitCom Material”…sure, it has its moments but seriously its a pure waste of popcorn…
i’d rather get shot in the face than watch Faith scream for the 10billionth time for no freaking reason….

My verdict : Booo!!!

According to Jim : hahahahaaa…no…no not laughing “with” them…
very balant comedy, dry and too “on-the-surface”…you know? it doesn’t go overboard…infact it doesn’t even set sail…a couple of dead cat jokes and “my husband is fat and stupid” gig 30 times over and over again…the show is pretty much about how women are always right..and seminaked Jim Belushi trying amuse the camera with weird animal noises…
Predictable Humour and really helpless supporting cast makes this a very boring half hour…

if “Hope & Faith” Over-does the sitcom bit…”Acc.To jim” doesn’t even bother to care…

My Verdict : Booooo!

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Whats New?

Posted by JD on November 1, 2006

What’s new in Life?
So, my exams will be up in about a month…so have to get started on the studying…
met a couple of old “friends” through a Social-Network Website…was glad to know,they’re still losers!

What about Magic?
well, i’ve been working on 2 new routines… An Ace Assembly…and a color changing (the back) Ambitious card…although i had the idea for months now…i haven;t exactly done it in my hands…

What about programming?
Already finished a “major” Project…will be submitting it the college for the “ooooh!”‘s and “aaaaah!!”‘s…:D …the project was completed under a different alias so i can’t menton it here…

What new on TV?

hey, We finally have “The Tonight Show” as a regular which is like awesome…
then we got a new season of “Everybody loves raymond”…hmmm, AXN promised us NipTuck…but so far has come out emptyhanded…LOST completed its second season…but thanks to our “Moral police Govt”, Star Movies was Blocked…and hence i missed the entire season…it seriously sucks!! *shows finger*
A New season of Grey’s Anatomy this november….A new series called “Desire – Table for three”
Hopefully we get to see more of “the office”,scrubs…

What’s New in Music?
Amanda Abizaid – A Place In Time (the 4400 theme)
and a couple of boring tracks which i got tired off…

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