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Happy Birthday Bryan!

Posted by JD on November 5, 2006


Go Bryan Go Bryan,
it’s your birthday
it’s your birthday

Well, Today that is 5th November is Bryan Adams Birthday!!
Here’s Wishing the Rocker a very happy birthday!! whooohooo…

Bryan was born on 5 November 1959, Kingston, Ontario….He’ll be 47….
The Canadian Rocker has delivered a ton of great albums and proved he’s not getting any older and he’s just getting started…

Bryan Adams (1980)
You Want It You Got It (1981)
Cuts Like a Knife (1983)
Reckless (1984)
Into the Fire (1987)
Live! Live! Live! (1988, released in U.S. 1994)
Waking up the Neighbours (1991)
So Far So Good (1993)
18 til I Die (1996)
Unplugged (1997)
On a Day Like Today (1998)
The Best of Me released worldwide (1999)
Do To You What You Do To Me (2001)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (film soundtrack) (2002)
Room Service (2004)
Anthology (2005)

Read more at Bryan’s Wiki

Bryan Adam’s is one of my Favorite Musicians…His raw dusty voice makes you sit up and listen…My favourite singles include

Here i am
I will always Return (from Spirit)
Sound the Bugle
Flying (Room Service)
18 till i die
Summer of 69

i did watch him when he toured india…unfortunately, couldn’t get tickets…but still…

last time i heard he was still 18…:D

Good Luck, Bryan! 🙂
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Whats New?

Posted by JD on November 1, 2006

What’s new in Life?
So, my exams will be up in about a month…so have to get started on the studying…
met a couple of old “friends” through a Social-Network Website…was glad to know,they’re still losers!

What about Magic?
well, i’ve been working on 2 new routines… An Ace Assembly…and a color changing (the back) Ambitious card…although i had the idea for months now…i haven;t exactly done it in my hands…

What about programming?
Already finished a “major” Project…will be submitting it the college for the “ooooh!”‘s and “aaaaah!!”‘s…:D …the project was completed under a different alias so i can’t menton it here…

What new on TV?

hey, We finally have “The Tonight Show” as a regular which is like awesome…
then we got a new season of “Everybody loves raymond”…hmmm, AXN promised us NipTuck…but so far has come out emptyhanded…LOST completed its second season…but thanks to our “Moral police Govt”, Star Movies was Blocked…and hence i missed the entire season…it seriously sucks!! *shows finger*
A New season of Grey’s Anatomy this november….A new series called “Desire – Table for three”
Hopefully we get to see more of “the office”,scrubs…

What’s New in Music?
Amanda Abizaid – A Place In Time (the 4400 theme)
and a couple of boring tracks which i got tired off…

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Mindfreak : Buried Alive

Posted by JD on August 21, 2006

Mindfreak : Buried Alive

Hmm…the most faked episode of mindfreak…yet!!
Criss was handcuffed then buried alive in a coffin and then followed a houdini escape

I’ll First report the magic part of the show then we’ll move on to the “stunt”…

Effect 1 :
Shadow Trick

A very nice variation (very different) of PK touches…i guess this was probably banacheks idea…since criss doesn’t hesitate with introducing stooges it was a very spooky effect…

Well, Criss introduces 2 women (1’s a stooge)…now they are seated on chairs before a wall…the wall is illuminated with bright light so that the shadows of the spectators,the chairs,criss are seen on the wall..

Right, now one spectator (stooge) settles down and criss asks her to close her eyes…
the other one sitting a bit away next to a table with Numbered cards (1-10)…criss asks her
to touch one card…she touches three…(now i don’t know if it was a force…
she touched the card closest to her..) now criss stands behind the second specatator and then
makes his shandow tap her shadow on the shoulder thrice…and asks her if she felt anything…
she answers she felt 3 taps on my shoulder…at this point the first lady freaks out…

criss does it again…(3 taps)…now the stooge gets off the chair and criss then uses his shadow again to
make the folding chair collapse…to which the the other spectator screamed like a woman (except she was a woman)

Before Demonstrating this effect criss moved a pen remotely by using his own shadow to tip over the pen’s shadow…and then did the same to the glass on the table…very nice performance…nothing more than IT and good timing (or in other words practice)…

Effect 2 :


Now, this one was badly presented on TV…there was no start nor finish…the entire time frame was cut out to the climax…there was no patter unless you think “What’s you worst fear?” is patter…right from the beginning criss pulling out a snake from this gal’s backpack and a spider (tarantula??) from this guy’s cap…

Now, sure if they showed us some presentation it would have been impressive…but this sucked!!

Effect 3 :
Buried Alive

Criss Angel does what he does best…scam!

Here’s the deal, criss is handcuffed (real ones? NOT!!) and then layed into this coffin and then buried and left there…
sure he tell’s you about the night vision camera inside the coffin…which oddly got “damaged” duirng the course of the stunt…and for the first time…Hollywood rain…they made it rain to increase the impact of the stunt…to make it more stunning more “dangerous”…now obviously they got to show us criss crawling out…and they do..after supposedly almost 2 hours…a hand pops out and criss comes out…now i have huge doubts about this one…this was totally bogus shit!!

The Houdini Conspiracy : Part 2

Sure, you’d think they’d lay off houdini for a while…but noooo…they had to get him to…
criss mentions how houdini attempted the Buried alive and failed…common dude…
also they showed us this clipping about this local magician “Amazing joe” who tried the buried alive but lost his life in the process…it’s sad that they used this for their own benefit…

In the beginnin of the episode, there was this guy “Rob zombie” who made a guest appearnce…why? he was promoting his movie..i have no idea who the guy is…and frankly i dont care…

One good part about this episode was there was No JD (whooohooo!!)
although banachek made more than enough for his absence….

About the delay, i’m just being lazy!! 🙂

Current Song : GooGoo Dolls – Iris

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OMG!! Mind Freaking Funny!!

Posted by JD on August 12, 2006

check out the real criss angel
This Guy is makes parody videos of Mindfreak….it is freaking funny…guys do check them out..

also see episode 4 ….the brick trick…its my favourite!! 😀

It’s much more fun than that other guy on TV…

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MindFreak:SUV Nail Bed

Posted by JD on August 3, 2006

Mindfreak: SUV Nail Bed

SUV Nail Bed: Criss expands upon the traditional bed of nails trick by lying on a bed of nails while a Hummer (a particularly large type of SUV) rolls over him. He was seriously injured in the process.

Ok! This was probably Second most Impressive Episode after the Levitation ordeal…simply because it wasn’t over the top…(well, not with C.angel standards)

The Main Effect was this stunt where Criss would lay on a bed of nails and then a Hummer (SUV) was rolled onto his chest..
leaving him to bear 1/4 weight of the vehicle sandwiched between a board and a bed of nails…

You’re Probably saying….aaah! phoooey…i’ve seen that on Ripley…
Sure…but Just because you’ve seen it a million times on tv doesnt make the stunt any less

Effect 1
Needles From the Belly thingy…

A very Squirmy Effect…Criss shows some spectators some needles…he puts 5-6 of them in a glass…fills it with wine…and then gulps it down…then he shows you a thread which he consumes…after a bit of “digestion”…he starts pulling out a thread from INSIDE (yeah! INSIDE) his belly…with the thread sewn through the needles…

Well, its obvious the second thread was always there…then again you gotta hand it to him…it was friggin amazing watching him pull it out…

Earlier, in Supernatural he had pulled our razor blades in a similar fashion out of his mouth…

Kids, Dont try this at home…aaah! you’ll probably will and end up with a swollen belly…

Effect 2
Pyschic Glass Shatter

The Scene, a Restaurant, Criss walks up to a table…[after some intro]… places a pen in a wine glass and asks the people at the table to “concentrate” on the pen …HARD! the pen miraculously (oooh! boy) levitates out of the glass…
(clearly done with a Invisible thread)

(..after a few moments of gasps from bystanders…)

Criss again puts the pen back in the glass…asks the people (at the table) to stand up
and concentrate on the glass…after a few deep moments..BAM!! the Glass SHATTERSS into

NOTE: This Glass Shatterring thingy was done by David Blaine on Vertigo…
i hardly expected criss to repeat a trick already done by his close rival (blaine)
but he did…and its NO BIG DEAL really…Blaine Himself had repeated the
“Arm Twisting Illusion” earlier
The Secret was also Revealed in an Episode of ” Psychic Secrets Revealed”…
The Secret can be found on the Internet via Google…:D

Effect 3
Frisbee Float

This was another of Criss’s Attempt to pull a miracle at a “spontaneous” situation…
After this elaborate skit where his crew is slacking off at the location of the stunt
and playing with their frisbee…
“NO Good crew Men”…Criss joins in and then the magic happens…
Criss makes frisbee float from the ground to his hand and then proceeds to rotate
it mid air…(WHOOOOO!!!)

…and then the frisbee becomes a normal frisbee…(BORING!!)

Again, IT (?) was used…

Quite a creative idea to use it on a frisbee since it already appears to levitate when in use…

Effect 4
Walking on glass

As Part of his Training for the main Stunt (SUV Nail Bed) criss keeps jumping up and down
this spread of shattered glass…again this wasn’t really an elaborate effect…
they didn’t make a big deal out of it…
why should they? People watch this stuff everyday on TV…

Effect 5
Bed Of Nails

The Main Effect was this stunt where Criss would lay on a bed of nails and then a Hummer (SUV) was rolled onto his chest..
leaving him to bear 1/4 weight of the vehicle sandwiched between a board and a bed of nails…

now, i know it’s quite a cliche in the modern world of Reality TV with shows like Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
and Guiness World Records,etc etc…but it was a great stunt…

sadly, there’s nothing much i can write about it…

There was a couple of comments from the “Mindfreak Consultant” Banachek…
and there was also this guy “Todd ..something..” who likes to hammer a 8-inch nail into his nose…and has no qualms for doing it for TV…

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Contender 2 : Big Disappointment

Posted by JD on August 3, 2006

I was a religious fan of the first season…but this new season sure sucks!
it’s so dull and boring with not enough “meat” in it…its quite dry and stupid….

The first fight was between between Michael Clark who was so confident of him winning that we went ahead and offered to fight the first fight…now this guy had previously pissed off Cornelius “K9” Bundrage (Clark-pulling-a-great-impression-of-dog-incident)….who well, kicked the crap out of clark…hehehe…

Also, i have’nt see Sly Stallone doing his “hosting” bit this time…aahhh! who cares? he wasn’t good at it anyways…


ESPN has the rights to purchase two additional seasons, so in addition to “The Contender 2”, we may see “The Contender 3” and “The Contender 4”.

God Help us all!

Wikipedia Page : Contender 2

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Bad News!

Posted by JD on July 20, 2006

Black Eyed Peas Concert was cancelled due to active “terrorist activities” in the city…after the 7/11 blasts there were concerns over the security at such crowded events which were likely targets…

Source Hindustan Times (link)

American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas have put on hold two of its upcoming gigs in India fearing further terrorist activities in the country.

The Don’t Lie hitmakers were scheduled to play in Bangalore and Mumbai on August 2 and 3, but the performances were mysteriously cancelled by the groups’ tour management, reports Contactmusic quoting AllHipHop.com.

Reports suggest that the move may have been driven by last week’s Mumbai train bombings, which killed 200 people and injured 600 more.
Band members of Black Eyed Peas

The group, currently comprising, will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and Fergie are jetting across the globe on their world tour.

Oh! Well…i do hope i get to see Fergie someday…:D

Info Provided By BigBrownz
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Relevant(?) News Today!

Posted by JD on July 17, 2006

Discovery Returns

Discovery, Its what they call that Space Shuttle thingy…Its Comming Back to Earth..
LINK :Read Entire Story

Microsoft shutters Windows private folders

Well, They pull a add-on which let you password protect folders… usefull for corporate companies,privacy….etc MS realized “potential problems” possibly malwares using the feature to conceal themselves…this is what i think

“a useful tool…to protect your private data when friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account.”

LINK :Microsoft shutters Windows private folders

Avril Lavigne Weds Sum Dude

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley (who’s a member of Sum41) got Married in California…
Avril Lavigne was the voice of Heather the possum in DreamWorks Animation’s Over the Hedge. Lets Hope it doesn’t get too “Complicated” for Avril…

LINK :Avril Finds Her Sk8tr boi

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