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GetFile UserJS/GreaseMonkey (beta)

Posted by JD on July 17, 2006

DISCLAIMER: Use This script at Your Risk! I WIll NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY Problems/Damages ARISING due to This Script! Have a Nice day!

After Formalities lets get back to getFile
The Following UserJs will insert a link on top of the page when you view a video on Putfile.com

You can Just Right Click and Use the “Save Target As”…to save the video….as Easy as 1-2-4

Script (txt extension) : getfile.txt (exclusive to Opera)

For GreaseMonkey…Create a New Script and Copy the Entire Contents of this File :
GreaseMonkey Script (txt extension) : getfileuserjs.txt (For FireFox)

Its Beta…The File was uploaded as “.txt” plz rename it to “.js” and copy it to your UserJS Folder…
There is a Commented line in the source


if you want the window to stop loading after the link has been inserted…then remove the “//”…

Plz report any Bugs…

Edit: Must Get an account to upload files… WordPress Sure Hates “.Js” files..
Sorry about the “.txt” extension…Next Script will be more accessible…

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