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Mindfreak:Wine Barrel Escape

Posted by JD on July 27, 2006

Mindfreak:Wine Barrel Escape

Source Wiki

Wine Barrel Escape: Stunt technicians place Criss in a cramped wine barrel completely filled with water and handcuff his hands through the top. The contraption is then raised up 80 feet. Not only does Criss have to worry about holding his breath and freeing himself from the handcuffs, but there is also the time limit. He has two minutes to free himself before the barrel crashes to the ground. Criss has said that the stunt was an intentional homage to famed escape artist Harry Houdini.

This Episode had a couple of Guest Stars…Lance Burton played host to the Main Effect “The Wine Barrel Escape”…and Banachek also made a flash appearance to say “…Criss is doing something very dangerous…”

Effect 1:
Deja Vu

The very First Effect of the episode, was “made to look” very spontaneous as criss steps out of an elevator and says “Let’s try something!” (ooooohhh!)

then he meets 2 couples in the hallway (probably stooges i dunno) …he asks one couple to verify that the next moments are “one continous shot”…he asks the other couple to stand in the hallway…for a moment criss’s entire head blocks the cam…and BOOM its done (Brad Christian?)…the couple is now standing about 20-25 feet away from the original location…

it was probably camera trickery or some duplicate spectators…

Effect 2:
Wine Beverage

Now, this effect could’ve been with real spectators (or not!)

Criss walks upto to a table in a restaurant and borrows a glass (tumbler) with water in it…he makes sure it is water in it…
he asks her (spectator) to think of any beverage…she chooses “beer”…a common answer!
then using the “circular-plastic-cover-for-glass-thingy” (i have no clue what you call that) for covering the glass and gives it a vigourous shake…the water turns brownish…and she proceeds to taste it..and claims it is beer…

see now the “circular-plastic-cover-for-glass-thingy” could have been containing some kinda substance that mixed with water to give something that looks and tastes like beer…or beer itself…

Effect 3:
Card Through Window

To deliver this trick, criss made an “eloborate effort” to convince people that the trick was impromptu…From the venue for the “escape effect” First, criss is informed “your bus is busted…you need to find another ride…” then criss jumps on to a seemingly normal bus with real spectators (yeah, they were real)…

Criss moves to the front part of the bus…
Then the Trick starts…A card is selected (9D)…signed…lost in the deck..then throws the deck at the bus window…you then see the card stuck at the opposite end of the window….All this happenes while the bus is moving…

The trick was a well executed “Ultimate Card through Window” effect…already on sale at various Magic dealers…

Effect 4:

The Houdini Conspiracy

Alright, Thorughout the Episode Criss got manu people to say “Houdini didn;t do dangerous stuff”
“Houdini was able to create the illusion of danger without doing anything remotely dangerous”
“what criss is doing is very dangerous…”
“Even Houdini might not have attempted what criss wants to do…”
“This is a Homage to Houdini”

They were slowly demolishing houdini’s status to lift their own…

The Escape was a pretty standard “Fear Factor Stunt”…he was locked up inside a wine barrel and then handcuffed…the wine barrel was lifted to over 80-100 feet and then he’s got 2 mintues to free himself from the handcuff’s and then hook himself to the safety line…(oddly the never showed it dettached)…Lance Burton played host for the stunt…

Pretty much it!
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Bad News!

Posted by JD on July 20, 2006

Black Eyed Peas Concert was cancelled due to active “terrorist activities” in the city…after the 7/11 blasts there were concerns over the security at such crowded events which were likely targets…

Source Hindustan Times (link)

American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas have put on hold two of its upcoming gigs in India fearing further terrorist activities in the country.

The Don’t Lie hitmakers were scheduled to play in Bangalore and Mumbai on August 2 and 3, but the performances were mysteriously cancelled by the groups’ tour management, reports Contactmusic quoting AllHipHop.com.

Reports suggest that the move may have been driven by last week’s Mumbai train bombings, which killed 200 people and injured 600 more.
Band members of Black Eyed Peas

The group, currently comprising, will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and Fergie are jetting across the globe on their world tour.

Oh! Well…i do hope i get to see Fergie someday…:D

Info Provided By BigBrownz
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My Blogs eF-ed Up!

Posted by JD on July 19, 2006

Sorry about the Brash Mixture of obscenely different Topics…See, I’m a lazy Guy and i cant afford to have different blogs for different topics…

if your looking for something i occasionally post about and you can’t seem to find anything about it use the categories or the search feature…

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MindFreak : Levitation

Posted by JD on July 19, 2006

Source Wikipedia

Levitation: Before a perplexed street audience, Criss uses his self-proclaimed telekinesis to levitate a volunteer 4 feet in the air.

After watching this episode i have decided to call it “Criss Angel and Other Bad Actors…”
The Entire Episode was a joke…Not One Effect was possibly done with a “real” spectator…
Anyways, I’ll Describe it never the less…*sigh*

Effect 1
Self Levitation : Criss performed his self levitations over different areas…How he did it? There are 2 different levitations he performed…One was with Wires (you could see him oscillating like a pendulum 🙂 ) This levitation showed him “levitating” by over 7ft…
Too good to be true…

The second Method was a very minor levitation…done with a “gimmick”…the method already revealed in a infamous video in dark corners of the internet (no links for you guys! 😉 )
This is different from what Blaine did…criss did his thing at many places…when he performed at a cafe, there were couple of spectators who were stooges who were planted for “authenticity”…then the camera dudes went on to get reactions where one guy said “David Blaine should kiss his(criss) A**!”…Ow! that was harsh considering Blaine atleast does magic to real people and not bad actors…

Effect 2
Weird Butterfly trick : Ok! Two words “Stooge Crap”…Criss Walks upto a spectator (STOOGE!! STOOGE!! STOOGE!!) and looks through her (STOOGE!! STOOGE!! STOOGE!!…alright i’ll stop) handbag and then borrows “a perfectly normal” tissue paperand then asks her to “draw a picture of your favourite animal” on the tissue paper …for some weird reason instead of drawing a “dog”,”cat” she drew “a butterfly”…then criss took the folded tissue and did “something” ..okay..he did nothing..but it this time there was an Edit…he opened it up and a butterfly (im not sure,it could’ve been a fly) flew out..
I would’ve believed it if there was no editing…and the trick was one continous shot…
and if one of your favourite animal is a butterfly Plz seek proffessional help…

Effect 3
Back bend Levitation : Hmmm, This one definately worth watching even if criss was surrounded by a couple of STOOGES!! (i’m starting to like this…) the Levitation was not actually “Off the Ground” levitation it was like a “The-matrix-move-that- neo-does-to-dogde-bullets” move…except it wasn’t done a green screen…

Once in the “neo-stance”, he could straigthen one leg…now im not sure but the only explanation i could come up with was an apparatus attached to his body going from his back till his knee which move as the knee would…

_____________________ || || || [____]

The Same thing was also done on “T.H.E.M” (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic) by Lisa And Thomas in a martial arts arena…

he did the same with a spectator (cough*stooge*cough) and then proceeded to completely sweep her off her feet (literally) (although covering her entire left side)…and then “landing her.”

Effect 4
Spectator Lev.
OK! Two Words Again “Stooge” and “WIRES”…Criss Made it a point to show that he was picking real people (NOT!!!!) the gal was in no ways looking normal…she had this weird face like she has been doing heavy makeup for stage shows (hint hint)

when he actually did levitate her…the camera revolved around you could see that her top was “cringed” at her hips due to a possible wire over her…

Criss kept asking his spectators if they ever have been hypnotised One said “Yeah!”, the weird woman in effect 3 said “yeah,but it didnt work!”…

What are The Chances of finding two people who have been hypnotised?

Ladies And gentlemen, Criss Angel and other bad actors
(i’m not implying Criss is a bad actor…he sure can pull off a great show…i should point out it takes great discipline to get the wire levitation right…its probably the hardest thing to do and try to hold still in that position…Criss Angel is sure a devoted performed but his magic is for TV audiences Not for real experinces…)

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GetFile UserJS/GreaseMonkey (beta)

Posted by JD on July 17, 2006

DISCLAIMER: Use This script at Your Risk! I WIll NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY Problems/Damages ARISING due to This Script! Have a Nice day!

After Formalities lets get back to getFile
The Following UserJs will insert a link on top of the page when you view a video on Putfile.com

You can Just Right Click and Use the “Save Target As”…to save the video….as Easy as 1-2-4

Script (txt extension) : getfile.txt (exclusive to Opera)

For GreaseMonkey…Create a New Script and Copy the Entire Contents of this File :
GreaseMonkey Script (txt extension) : getfileuserjs.txt (For FireFox)

Its Beta…The File was uploaded as “.txt” plz rename it to “.js” and copy it to your UserJS Folder…
There is a Commented line in the source


if you want the window to stop loading after the link has been inserted…then remove the “//”…

Plz report any Bugs…

Edit: Must Get an account to upload files… WordPress Sure Hates “.Js” files..
Sorry about the “.txt” extension…Next Script will be more accessible…

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Relevant(?) News Today!

Posted by JD on July 17, 2006

Discovery Returns

Discovery, Its what they call that Space Shuttle thingy…Its Comming Back to Earth..
LINK :Read Entire Story

Microsoft shutters Windows private folders

Well, They pull a add-on which let you password protect folders… usefull for corporate companies,privacy….etc MS realized “potential problems” possibly malwares using the feature to conceal themselves…this is what i think

“a useful tool…to protect your private data when friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account.”

LINK :Microsoft shutters Windows private folders

Avril Lavigne Weds Sum Dude

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley (who’s a member of Sum41) got Married in California…
Avril Lavigne was the voice of Heather the possum in DreamWorks Animation’s Over the Hedge. Lets Hope it doesn’t get too “Complicated” for Avril…

LINK :Avril Finds Her Sk8tr boi

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Return of the Heroes!

Posted by JD on July 16, 2006

Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocky.
This December will be the return of Rocky…yeah, the italion stallion is back Rocky Balbao

With great power. comes great responsibility.
Another Movie which i’m waiting for is Spiderman-3 Watch Its Trailer

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BookMarklet : Technorati Tags (upgrade)

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006

A Bookmarklet By loucypher can be used to add code that tags your blogpost…

Unfortunately, it didn’t support spaces
i modified the code a bit so it works for “strings” too…

eg: if you want to tag “black eyed peas” then in the input box enter “black+eyed+peas” …ie for words to be grouped together replace all spaces with ‘+’ sign…

Here’s My Modified Code

Click and hit save Technorati Bookmarklet

Copy the Code/contents and Add it as a bookmark in your browser…

Credits to loucypher
Credits to Oddiophiles (the original creator of the bookmarklet)

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Messenger Mutation

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft merge their IM clients

Yahoo and Microsoft stated that they have built a software bridge between their popular IM applications, thus allowing the creation of the world’s largest IM and social community. In their combined press release the two companies mentioned that this community reaches more than 350 million IM accounts, now merged together due to interoperability.

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Will now have interoperatability features…which mean Users of yahoo can chat with Live users…vice versa

Yahoo is very popular in the IM services in Asia..while MS Dominates in Europe…This Minor Merger will definitly be a boon to members of Both Sides of the parties…Before, many people were forced to register to both Services to keep in Contact with all their friends…

With the new Version, one can converse with users of the other community…but be sure for a load of bugs heading your way…

A Super IM Client is heading your way…

Download Yahoo Messenger at this place

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Black Eyed Peas Live

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006


Black Eyed Peas Will be Performing Live on August 2nd and 3rd in Mumbai and Bangalore resp…

More Info + Tickets
(Official Site…)

DNA Networks has brought them down here…DNA previously got other artists like Mark Knopfler of ‘The Sultan of Swing’ , and Latin pop singer, Enrique Iglesias , Sting, Shaggy, etc

I’m not much of a fan…but did enjoy a couple of their numbers…

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