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Stress Toys anyone?

Posted by JD on December 7, 2006

any of you guys use/have sex…oops!…stress toys?

it doesn’t have to universally labelled as a stress toy…popular ones are stress balls,silly putty..
i usually have a pack of cards in hand…and i keep dribbling them or cutting them…

i also have this wooden block (cut into a challegening shape) that i keep playing with…
i can pretty much relive myself with just about anything…coins,pens…etc

it pretty much helps me divide my attention…for eg, like when i’m programming and i stumble on a problem….i stop to think at some point i usually use them…otherwise there’s a high chance i might try to “brute force” a solution which pretty much destroys the program…since i have a habit of saving *saves post* every 4 seconds…dammn, i’m paranoid…

if you use a stress toy (not sex…stress)…let me know about it…i’m might try it out…

if you think i’m pathetic…don’t bother commenting…i already know…

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