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Google Loves to Shop…

Posted by JD on December 7, 2006

When Google First Came onto the “scene”…Google Promised it would keep away from being “more than a search engine”…it’s rival Microsoft kept trying to spread its foray into many market (more recently Zune,Xbox etc)

Google Broke its Promise a long time ago…
Google Bought Flickr,Blogger,Picasa,Orkut(which btw blows!!), Youtube (Remember the 2 kings?),etc

List of Other Stuff Google Bought (it’s a 2005 story…)

It’ll be intersting to know what google has on it’s Christmas List? 😀

if i had guess i should be guessing a An AudioScrobbler Kinda site…or how about Amazon? something to rival iTunes store…maybe?

Anything else?

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