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Posted by JD on November 1, 2006

What’s new in Life?
So, my exams will be up in about a month…so have to get started on the studying…
met a couple of old “friends” through a Social-Network Website…was glad to know,they’re still losers!

What about Magic?
well, i’ve been working on 2 new routines… An Ace Assembly…and a color changing (the back) Ambitious card…although i had the idea for months now…i haven;t exactly done it in my hands…

What about programming?
Already finished a “major” Project…will be submitting it the college for the “ooooh!”‘s and “aaaaah!!”‘s…:D …the project was completed under a different alias so i can’t menton it here…

What new on TV?

hey, We finally have “The Tonight Show” as a regular which is like awesome…
then we got a new season of “Everybody loves raymond”…hmmm, AXN promised us NipTuck…but so far has come out emptyhanded…LOST completed its second season…but thanks to our “Moral police Govt”, Star Movies was Blocked…and hence i missed the entire season…it seriously sucks!! *shows finger*
A New season of Grey’s Anatomy this november….A new series called “Desire – Table for three”
Hopefully we get to see more of “the office”,scrubs…

What’s New in Music?
Amanda Abizaid – A Place In Time (the 4400 theme)
and a couple of boring tracks which i got tired off…

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