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Mindfreak: C4 Crate

Posted by JD on September 26, 2006

Remember, i’m being very lazy so the “report” will be quite short…i’m writing the next one…Premonition…i’ll post that one later…well, Mindfreak is now a 1 hour extended show…(2 episodes back to back…)


Coin Across
Criss Displays four coins in one hand…and then closes both fists…instantly the four coins transported to the other hand…

How was it done? Sleeves…and 8 coins!

Coin in Arm
Criss Borrows a coin which is signed…he clearly swallows the coin and then exposes his left arm and shows the coin UNDERNEATH his skin travelling down…criss then slices his wrist and pulls out the signed coin…

Now, i don’t really have exact details on how it was done but sure has something to do with “fake skin” …if you guys have seen DAvid Blaine Pull his heart out (literally) then you’d know how this was done…
How the coin travelled underneath the skin….i Dont KNow!!

Card in Bottle
Spectator chooses card, lost in the deck…the spectator then is given the deck and asked to shuffle and then look for their card…and they fail to do so because thier card has disappeared (suprised?)…
A closeby beer bottle is emptied and broken…insisde which they find the chosen card…

all you need to know is The classic force and have duplicates…

C4 Crate

The Main Stunt was Criss Being Blown UP when inside a small wooden crate lying next to explosives…honestly speaking, it didn’t even grab my attention…i have seen this “stunt” being done just before baseball games….this other time a this crazy lady did the same…so i mean, it isn’t that cool as that Superman Suspension…

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2 Responses to “Mindfreak: C4 Crate”

  1. Ace said

    Man,Just bcause you saw the episodes you really think to know the tricks?? Well, let me tell you something, I worked with Criss for a long time and you are not even close! Of course he does not do magic, bcause magic does not exists, but anything you said was not close to what he really does!

  2. JD said

    Mr.Noobie, Magic is my Hobby…i know what i’m talking about…i don’t give a shit what you hav to say for yourself…but i am going to say what i want to…so shut the fuck up and get back to whatever the hell you do…

    i know where your from…from what i see i don;t think you’ve ever met criss let alone work with him…

    In no way have i undermined what criss performs on TV…why the fuck do you have to complain,dumbass? i have never said criss performed badly…i’m just revealing possible ways to replicate an effect…so if you can’t get a hold of that then maybe you should seek some professional help…see ya sucka!!

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