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WP Bug? or is it O9?

Posted by JD on August 12, 2006

Bug 1:

Ok! Remember when you add a new category you just type in the first few letters and then a small popup (not exactly a popup….more of a contextmenu kinda thingy) appears with previously added categories….right?

well, ever since i switched to O9 the “popup” is transperent…icant even see the words…right…

I dunno if it’s O9 or WP? guess someone should check it out…

Bug 2: The shiny new “wysiwyg” is quite weird…the “End” key doesn’t take me to the EOS (end of string) …instead takes me to the previous line…yeah, whats the deal with that?

my RANT!! (yeah, don’t edit this WP…)
what’s with this new Pop-up window for adding a URL…it’s both inconvient and buggy (as of now) the previous version was much better…simple and ….and…well, simple…the whole “link” and “unlink” system bites! (grrrr)

seriuosly, what’s up with my “End” key?

edit: got another one…

where’s my code tag? and every time i need to add my technorati tags, i need to add it in the HTML source?

oh! and your hotkeys dont work for opera…(although opera sucks with wysiwyg editors anyways….)

Hey! WP Dudes…You dig? 🙂

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3 Responses to “WP Bug? or is it O9?”

  1. Mrs. W. said

    Oh, that’s Opera bugs, not WP. WP works best with Firefox.

  2. Matt said

    You can turn off WYSIWYG under your profile.

  3. JD said

    oh! yeah…i just noticed…

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