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WordPress Upgrades?

Posted by JD on August 12, 2006

Alright…i got new things in my control panel…a new tab called “related posts” which pretty much sucks as of now!! there are a lot of irrelevant posts in there some spam…
and a few more improvements (really? no really?) i dont have time to comment on…

ooh! and i just upgraded to O9 so its probaly eithor WP or Opera…
there are few bugs i see in O9 for the wordpress control panel…i’ll enlist them later…


2 Responses to “WordPress Upgrades?”

  1. Matt said

    Sorry it’s not working well for you yet, we’re still tweaking it. The more tags you use on your posts the more different types of stuff it should bring in.

    As always, if you come across any spam please report it and we’ll take care of it right away. There is a handy link under “blog info” for reporting spam or mature blogs.

  2. JD said

    WOW!! Thanks for the lightning fast reply…:)

    i understand it’s Beta so it’ll be buggy for about a month or so..

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