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Mindfreak : Body Suspension

Posted by JD on August 11, 2006

All right, there’s no real entry for this episode since it never involved any Magic…

The Entire Episode was about the Entire “Body Suspension” stunt…which doesn’t leave you disappointed…

Effect : Criss is Pierced on his back and then “fish-hooked” to a helicopter and then his body is “waved around” (can i be more precise?)

now, surely this sort of stuff makes the girls squirm….Criss had already done a body suspension for a “shopping window” for all the world to see…and now he wanted to take it to the next step…

A Motorbike ride through the desert (oooooohh!! classy) later we find criss hanging by his skin..

Now I’ll like to take this opportunity to speak my mind about “J.D” Criss’s Brother (holy shit! that’s my name!!) i want to tell him that he’s an idiot…he doesn’t really do much on TV…just plasters his face when criss goes to take a whiz…he doesn’t really have a real job in the show…all he does is act nervous and say “This is serious shit people!! there’s no safety wires!!” ….a monkey could’ve done a better job…

What a Loser!! (and to think i share my “handle” with him)

Back to the stunt, It was great, seriously, sure they tried to hype the stunt with fake blood and all but who really cares? i would’ve pissed in my pants if someone wanted to pierce me let alone hangme from a chopper…

JD (not criss’s loser brother)

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