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Contender 2 : Big Disappointment

Posted by JD on August 3, 2006

I was a religious fan of the first season…but this new season sure sucks!
it’s so dull and boring with not enough “meat” in it…its quite dry and stupid….

The first fight was between between Michael Clark who was so confident of him winning that we went ahead and offered to fight the first fight…now this guy had previously pissed off Cornelius “K9” Bundrage (Clark-pulling-a-great-impression-of-dog-incident)….who well, kicked the crap out of clark…hehehe…

Also, i have’nt see Sly Stallone doing his “hosting” bit this time…aahhh! who cares? he wasn’t good at it anyways…


ESPN has the rights to purchase two additional seasons, so in addition to “The Contender 2”, we may see “The Contender 3” and “The Contender 4”.

God Help us all!

Wikipedia Page : Contender 2

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8 Responses to “Contender 2 : Big Disappointment”

  1. goobernutz said

    why contender season 2 sucks balls:

    1) there is too much emphasis on the family and kids. what, are they trying to get chicks to watch?

    2) losing sly has hurt the show. not because he added a great deal, but sugar ray is a marginal retard (because of getting hit in the head. not because he’s a retard. sorry if i’ve offended any real retards.

    3) last season we had that idiot iraqi guy. (yes, i know he wasn’t from iraq. but in the average viewer in the u.s. only sees “us” and “them”)

    4) the prizes suck ass. big ass! a digital camera?!!? whoopdeedoo. sunglasses!?!?!?! wow! can i get my head beat in for a pair of $100 shades too please?

    i’ll watch it to the end of course, but next season will HAVE TO improve.

    – Goob

    ps. hi JD

  2. JD said

    hi goob! 🙂

    my grandma gives me better gifts than those digi-cams!! 😀

  3. caz said

    I think what The Contender lacks this year is the tasks. They were great last year and sparked a lot of rivalry, that is what they should bring back next year.

  4. digs said

    As a brit watching this Contender for the second time I must agree that the first contender was much better,there are far too many adverts on during the show and too much emphasise put on the family aspect of all the boxers,why don’t they have tasks like before and maybe’s some other weight categories.They show is about boxing,why dont the boxers do physical stuff or spar more,there needs to be more competition in the show.

  5. JD said

    couldn’t agree more

  6. debs said

    Re: The Contender 2

    Another brit following the contender, series 1 was fantastic, real compulsive viewing, kept you gripped all the way through to the final.
    This season…hmmm…the boxing has been pretty good, but there was something missing this time round. Also agree, think it could have been the tasks. Hope Contender 3 improves.

  7. JD said

    No news about Contender 3 here!

    They should have a fight Between the Winners of each series…

  8. Endurance Onori said

    I think contender 2 was just as good as contender 1 in my humble opinion

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