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Mindfreak:Wine Barrel Escape

Posted by JD on July 27, 2006

Mindfreak:Wine Barrel Escape

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Wine Barrel Escape: Stunt technicians place Criss in a cramped wine barrel completely filled with water and handcuff his hands through the top. The contraption is then raised up 80 feet. Not only does Criss have to worry about holding his breath and freeing himself from the handcuffs, but there is also the time limit. He has two minutes to free himself before the barrel crashes to the ground. Criss has said that the stunt was an intentional homage to famed escape artist Harry Houdini.

This Episode had a couple of Guest Stars…Lance Burton played host to the Main Effect “The Wine Barrel Escape”…and Banachek also made a flash appearance to say “…Criss is doing something very dangerous…”

Effect 1:
Deja Vu

The very First Effect of the episode, was “made to look” very spontaneous as criss steps out of an elevator and says “Let’s try something!” (ooooohhh!)

then he meets 2 couples in the hallway (probably stooges i dunno) …he asks one couple to verify that the next moments are “one continous shot”…he asks the other couple to stand in the hallway…for a moment criss’s entire head blocks the cam…and BOOM its done (Brad Christian?)…the couple is now standing about 20-25 feet away from the original location…

it was probably camera trickery or some duplicate spectators…

Effect 2:
Wine Beverage

Now, this effect could’ve been with real spectators (or not!)

Criss walks upto to a table in a restaurant and borrows a glass (tumbler) with water in it…he makes sure it is water in it…
he asks her (spectator) to think of any beverage…she chooses “beer”…a common answer!
then using the “circular-plastic-cover-for-glass-thingy” (i have no clue what you call that) for covering the glass and gives it a vigourous shake…the water turns brownish…and she proceeds to taste it..and claims it is beer…

see now the “circular-plastic-cover-for-glass-thingy” could have been containing some kinda substance that mixed with water to give something that looks and tastes like beer…or beer itself…

Effect 3:
Card Through Window

To deliver this trick, criss made an “eloborate effort” to convince people that the trick was impromptu…From the venue for the “escape effect” First, criss is informed “your bus is busted…you need to find another ride…” then criss jumps on to a seemingly normal bus with real spectators (yeah, they were real)…

Criss moves to the front part of the bus…
Then the Trick starts…A card is selected (9D)…signed…lost in the deck..then throws the deck at the bus window…you then see the card stuck at the opposite end of the window….All this happenes while the bus is moving…

The trick was a well executed “Ultimate Card through Window” effect…already on sale at various Magic dealers…

Effect 4:

The Houdini Conspiracy

Alright, Thorughout the Episode Criss got manu people to say “Houdini didn;t do dangerous stuff”
“Houdini was able to create the illusion of danger without doing anything remotely dangerous”
“what criss is doing is very dangerous…”
“Even Houdini might not have attempted what criss wants to do…”
“This is a Homage to Houdini”

They were slowly demolishing houdini’s status to lift their own…

The Escape was a pretty standard “Fear Factor Stunt”…he was locked up inside a wine barrel and then handcuffed…the wine barrel was lifted to over 80-100 feet and then he’s got 2 mintues to free himself from the handcuff’s and then hook himself to the safety line…(oddly the never showed it dettached)…Lance Burton played host for the stunt…

Pretty much it!
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