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Bad News!

Posted by JD on July 20, 2006

Black Eyed Peas Concert was cancelled due to active “terrorist activities” in the city…after the 7/11 blasts there were concerns over the security at such crowded events which were likely targets…

Source Hindustan Times (link)

American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas have put on hold two of its upcoming gigs in India fearing further terrorist activities in the country.

The Don’t Lie hitmakers were scheduled to play in Bangalore and Mumbai on August 2 and 3, but the performances were mysteriously cancelled by the groups’ tour management, reports Contactmusic quoting AllHipHop.com.

Reports suggest that the move may have been driven by last week’s Mumbai train bombings, which killed 200 people and injured 600 more.
Band members of Black Eyed Peas

The group, currently comprising, will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and Fergie are jetting across the globe on their world tour.

Oh! Well…i do hope i get to see Fergie someday…:D

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