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MindFreak : Levitation

Posted by JD on July 19, 2006

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Levitation: Before a perplexed street audience, Criss uses his self-proclaimed telekinesis to levitate a volunteer 4 feet in the air.

After watching this episode i have decided to call it “Criss Angel and Other Bad Actors…”
The Entire Episode was a joke…Not One Effect was possibly done with a “real” spectator…
Anyways, I’ll Describe it never the less…*sigh*

Effect 1
Self Levitation : Criss performed his self levitations over different areas…How he did it? There are 2 different levitations he performed…One was with Wires (you could see him oscillating like a pendulum 🙂 ) This levitation showed him “levitating” by over 7ft…
Too good to be true…

The second Method was a very minor levitation…done with a “gimmick”…the method already revealed in a infamous video in dark corners of the internet (no links for you guys! 😉 )
This is different from what Blaine did…criss did his thing at many places…when he performed at a cafe, there were couple of spectators who were stooges who were planted for “authenticity”…then the camera dudes went on to get reactions where one guy said “David Blaine should kiss his(criss) A**!”…Ow! that was harsh considering Blaine atleast does magic to real people and not bad actors…

Effect 2
Weird Butterfly trick : Ok! Two words “Stooge Crap”…Criss Walks upto a spectator (STOOGE!! STOOGE!! STOOGE!!) and looks through her (STOOGE!! STOOGE!! STOOGE!!…alright i’ll stop) handbag and then borrows “a perfectly normal” tissue paperand then asks her to “draw a picture of your favourite animal” on the tissue paper …for some weird reason instead of drawing a “dog”,”cat” she drew “a butterfly”…then criss took the folded tissue and did “something” ..okay..he did nothing..but it this time there was an Edit…he opened it up and a butterfly (im not sure,it could’ve been a fly) flew out..
I would’ve believed it if there was no editing…and the trick was one continous shot…
and if one of your favourite animal is a butterfly Plz seek proffessional help…

Effect 3
Back bend Levitation : Hmmm, This one definately worth watching even if criss was surrounded by a couple of STOOGES!! (i’m starting to like this…) the Levitation was not actually “Off the Ground” levitation it was like a “The-matrix-move-that- neo-does-to-dogde-bullets” move…except it wasn’t done a green screen…

Once in the “neo-stance”, he could straigthen one leg…now im not sure but the only explanation i could come up with was an apparatus attached to his body going from his back till his knee which move as the knee would…

_____________________ || || || [____]

The Same thing was also done on “T.H.E.M” (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic) by Lisa And Thomas in a martial arts arena…

he did the same with a spectator (cough*stooge*cough) and then proceeded to completely sweep her off her feet (literally) (although covering her entire left side)…and then “landing her.”

Effect 4
Spectator Lev.
OK! Two Words Again “Stooge” and “WIRES”…Criss Made it a point to show that he was picking real people (NOT!!!!) the gal was in no ways looking normal…she had this weird face like she has been doing heavy makeup for stage shows (hint hint)

when he actually did levitate her…the camera revolved around you could see that her top was “cringed” at her hips due to a possible wire over her…

Criss kept asking his spectators if they ever have been hypnotised One said “Yeah!”, the weird woman in effect 3 said “yeah,but it didnt work!”…

What are The Chances of finding two people who have been hypnotised?

Ladies And gentlemen, Criss Angel and other bad actors
(i’m not implying Criss is a bad actor…he sure can pull off a great show…i should point out it takes great discipline to get the wire levitation right…its probably the hardest thing to do and try to hold still in that position…Criss Angel is sure a devoted performed but his magic is for TV audiences Not for real experinces…)

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19 Responses to “MindFreak : Levitation”

  1. zac said

    dude he may have stooges but some of his tricks are kick ass i wanna learn that matrix thing.

  2. JD said

    You can’t Learn it unless you know what the gimmick is?

    I dont eithor…i’m just making a educated guess…

  3. i can levitate like criss but better i will tell u how

  4. Master Magician said

    Okay… Let me answer all of your questions.. Okay.. You are right that criss does not pick random people.. But he doesnt pay a whole crowd to play along.. On some angles.. they might see the gimmik. theymight see a wire, or his leg doing something abnormal.. Not amazed he/she would walk away.. Sometiimes you can see people coming.. Giving a dissapointed look and walking away.

  5. Master Magician said

    Okay… Let me answer all of your questions.. Okay.. You are right that criss does not pick random people.. But he doesnt pay a whole crowd to play along.. On some angles.. they might see the gimmik. theymight see a wire, or his leg doing something abnormal.. Not amazed he/she would walk away.. Sometiimes you can see people coming.. Giving a dissapointed look and walking away.

    The matrix trick is mdone with these.

    1.Camera angles-They are strict with them. 2.Fake limbs

    3 camera editing..
    they tell nonone to talk using excuses “it will ruin video quality”

    Okay actually what criss does.. there is no actual better. It might come out soon. So you cant float better than criss. This is modern day levitation.Dont be an idiot and teach people the balducci levitation.

    You need gimmiks for any trick or illusion.. So that is true.
    You need the gimmmick to perform the trick.

  6. JD said

    You need gimmiks for any trick or illusion.

    Not True many tricks can be performed without them…and those tricks are more satisfying for me…since i’ll be the reason the trick worked and not some gimmick…

    i have nothing against gimmicks…i use them too…

  7. bob said

    you guys are idiots. Why do people like yall always have to make someone look bad. Yall are jerks.
    I’m a magician myself, but I don’t try to make people look bad if they screw up once in a while.

  8. Marcus said

    this is my theory on how he levitated a spectator.First the spectator was an ally.she acted like she was in a hypnotic state.second he had a gimmick around his waist that would come up and down,but was strong enough to hold a human.Kind of like your leg comming up and down,but small and it is attached to your waist.third the ally would lay back and act the part.

  9. Scorpyo said

    say the link with the second of levitation please

  10. bobby said

    Your just jealous

  11. JD said

    aren’t we all? 🙂

  12. rjaryy said

    first of all none of you are thinking of one thing, in the levitation acts, criss gets close to a wall and only shows one side of the persons (or himselves) body, and also, whner he levitates himself in a standing position, usualy his feet are crossed (im guesing that to keep his ballence, and to make it look like theres no wire or cable or enything), the best idea to think about is that there is most likeley a wire right? i mean wut else, well im thinking there could be some kind of clear and hard meterial places at a angle wher u cant see it that well ( like putting a peice of paper side ways and looking at it)and there is a silenced motor or something raiing it , so he can look like theres nothing there, he crosses his legs ( usualy) and there fore he is “levitating”. and if u also notice when he is doing it, his leggs and feet are shaking like crazy, yeah well maybe you think im an idiot, but hey, no one nose for sure, i admit its crazy but, it cuold be possible

  13. rjaryy said

    bleh Criss Angle Rocks

  14. JD said

    your not crazy, its true what u said about criss crossing his legs…its done with wires…the second one is “gimmicked”…

  15. Kaleigh said

    ok. if you can do real magic without any gimmicks, then get your own show. dont trash criss angel because he messed up one freakin trick. yeah, thats TRICK not real magic. personally, i absolutely LOVE criss angel. i just recently began practicing magic. i learned my first trick from him. that lipstick thing where a dot of lipstick “magically” appears on the person’s palm. some of you may know what im talking about. this david blaine dude is good, and so is criss angel. i prefer criss. you prefer david. IF YOU LIKE HIM SO MUCH FREAKIN BETTER THAN WATCH HIS SHOW NOT CRISS ANGEL’S!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whatever

  16. Kaleigh said

    some of those people might be hired, but i’ll bet you a baggillion-million-trillion bucks that some arent. if it was all fake people would find out and no one would like him. and his show is pretty darn popular if you ask me…

  17. Kaleigh said

    i agree with rjaryy…………criss angel is the best.

  18. bergan said

    You will watch the Criss Angel’s video?Go to http://www.crissangelthemasterofmagic.blogspot.com

  19. info_master6 said

    if you have seen the one when he levatates up they escalater notice how he moves perfectly with they escalater all most as if he was connected to it? well to levetate he pulls one of his leg out of a hole on his pants (that he covers up when hes not doing the trick) and places his leg on an object higher than the ground. his shoes stay together with magnets. this isnt a hard trick you just need to be able to balance with one foot. other leveting tricks (were you can see him from the front side/angle) use wires. finnaly when he doesnt use wires he has a speial suit on with has heleim (that stuff that rises wich i cant spell) in it you can see his suit puff up if you look closely.

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