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Messenger Mutation

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft merge their IM clients

Yahoo and Microsoft stated that they have built a software bridge between their popular IM applications, thus allowing the creation of the world’s largest IM and social community. In their combined press release the two companies mentioned that this community reaches more than 350 million IM accounts, now merged together due to interoperability.

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Will now have interoperatability features…which mean Users of yahoo can chat with Live users…vice versa

Yahoo is very popular in the IM services in Asia..while MS Dominates in Europe…This Minor Merger will definitly be a boon to members of Both Sides of the parties…Before, many people were forced to register to both Services to keep in Contact with all their friends…

With the new Version, one can converse with users of the other community…but be sure for a load of bugs heading your way…

A Super IM Client is heading your way…

Download Yahoo Messenger at this place

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