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BookMarklet : Technorati Tags (upgrade)

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006

A Bookmarklet By loucypher can be used to add code that tags your blogpost…

Unfortunately, it didn’t support spaces
i modified the code a bit so it works for “strings” too…

eg: if you want to tag “black eyed peas” then in the input box enter “black+eyed+peas” …ie for words to be grouped together replace all spaces with ‘+’ sign…

Here’s My Modified Code

Click and hit save Technorati Bookmarklet

Copy the Code/contents and Add it as a bookmark in your browser…

Credits to loucypher
Credits to Oddiophiles (the original creator of the bookmarklet)

Technorati Tags: , ,


2 Responses to “BookMarklet : Technorati Tags (upgrade)”

  1. Just to give credit where credit is due, loucypher took my script, which was based upon Oddiophiles’ bookmarklet, which I intensely modified for WordPress, and turned it into a Greasemonkey script for me. To customize this bookmarklet javascript to be whatever you want it to be see this article I wrote.

    Good work. This is such a fun and easy way to tag on WordPress.com.

  2. Elisabeth said

    just checkin things out

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