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Black Eyed Peas Live

Posted by JD on July 14, 2006


Black Eyed Peas Will be Performing Live on August 2nd and 3rd in Mumbai and Bangalore resp…

More Info + Tickets
(Official Site…)

DNA Networks has brought them down here…DNA previously got other artists like Mark Knopfler of ‘The Sultan of Swing’ , and Latin pop singer, Enrique Iglesias , Sting, Shaggy, etc

I’m not much of a fan…but did enjoy a couple of their numbers…

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8 Responses to “Black Eyed Peas Live”

  1. jharna said

    where can we purchase the tickets from?

  2. JD said

    You better Wait for a couple of Days…the site is down (currently)..and no more info…i did see a link for “Online Booking” on that page (mentioned above)…keep checking that link daily…

  3. BigBrownz said

    Cancelled 😦

  4. JD said

    i should have guessed…

  5. jharna said

    i hope they plan on coming later…i so wanted to see them!

  6. Lokesh said

    Its September… where are they???

  7. JD said

    its cancelled,dude!!

  8. luz ma said

    cancelled??? sorry!!!

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