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Mumbai 7/11

Posted by JD on July 12, 2006

One hundred seventy four persons are reported to have been killed in Eight well-orchestrated explosions in Mumbai on July 11, 2006. Five of these explosions are reported to have occurred on moving trains and the remaining two at railway stations. Most of those killed and injured were railway commuters.


Eight…Eight…within a matter of minutes…Eight High Intenesity explosions tore through different parts of the Western Railway (WR) Network killing 174, injuring over 400+ people,crippling the entire transportation system altogether…

The Rains played their worst part slowing down the rescue work…
The Phone Systems went down like a castle of cards…not one call could get though…this lack of info lead to more confusion and panic…
People travelling from one end of the state to other could’nt get on trains (WR cancelled all activity) ….the entire load went on Central Railways Network,Buses, (other means)

Mumbai is being tested against all kinds of attacks…Last year the infamous 7/26 story were the entire city was submerged under water due to heavy rainfall…

The people of mumbai are fighting bravely against all odds…Mumbai has Bounced back every time it fell…its good to see Mumbai is back in bussiness..

7/11 will be sad day in history, innocent civilians suffering at the hands of cowardly acts of terror…

My Symphaties to all who lost their loved ones…

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