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MindFreak : Burned Alive

Posted by JD on July 12, 2006

I’ll Try and Guess How he did it…

Source Wikipedia:

Episode 1
Burned Alive: Criss is set ablaze, as a “present” for his mother’s 70th birthday, with the bare minimum of protection necessary to keep him from burning alive. Despite the protection only reportedly being adequate for a span of 45 seconds, Criss remained engulfed far past the mark and in the end incorporated an interesting illusion by morphing into one of the technicians putting out the fire on him.


The Show Started off with a dissappearing act on a sidewalk…
a garbage bin was put on top of him and he asks the people to push it down…he is giving them instructions to “keep pushing” apparently from inside the bin…he then asks them to lift it up…and he’s vanished…everyone looks up..to find the dude standing on the roof

My Comment : err…pretty clean…although the time line is something i suspect…when he began there were very few people around and suddenly the next shot (the one they are all pressing down) there is large crowd…so it seems a large part was cut out in between…
….plus the guys pressing down could’ve been stooges and he slipped in from the back (which was obviously not shown)


Ring in IceCube …a restaurant scene,criss borrows a ring from a lady makes it dissapear will pushing it through the table…then he looks into a drink the lady had ordered removes an ice cube which contains the “same” ring…

My Comment
Duplicate Rings…The vanish was a pull (magnetic or mechanical)….rest was just same ol same ol….


Voodoo Doll thing…criss shows a spectator a doll (korn (Rockband) signature) …and borrows something personal (hair,ring,etc) and then starts buring the dolls limb…and apparently the specky “feels” the heat…

then he proceeded to ask them turn around and pierce the doll anywhere …and criss suddenly felt pain and starts bleeding from the same area…

My Comment
Stooges!! why? coz they were bad actors…

Main Effect:

its was a stunt being burned alive and walking around for 45 seconds…i hated the fact that he kept emphasiszing “i could die” routine…he did wear all those gels and stuff that hollywood stuntmen wear but he did not cover his face…at the end he Falls down and as the technicians are dousing flames with fire extinguishers…they show there’s no one on the ground and one of the technicians is really criss

My Comment

The transformation was done with editing …im sure of it…Criss did the same effect in Supernatural which was genuine tranformation (i thought so)…this time it was edited and pieced together…


4 Responses to “MindFreak : Burned Alive”

  1. Greg said

    all you guys can say is “stooge” “stooge” “stooge”!!!

    shut it. at least hes makin more money than u.

  2. JD said

    i do credit him when he does use real spectators…but on all previous occassions they were stooges…

    and there’s no reason for me to stop…

    i wish some TV network offers me a show to perform “magic” for actors…

  3. jay said

    bud you didnt explain 1 trick you guessed and said stooge some kinda this some kinda that stooge this stooge that

  4. JD said

    i said what i thought about it…don’t expect me to be right all the time…

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