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Terrorist? What’s That?

Posted by JD on July 12, 2006

Alright, you think The world got enough of the Zidane Headbutt but (hehehe) nooooo…

They had to hire lip readers,translators …keep speculating what he said…

The Video Below may not be available later since Fifa has removed a couple of such videos off youtube…

What exactly was said between the two remains a mystery although Materazzi has denied allegations he called Zidane a “dirty terrorist.”

“I used an insult that I’ve heard used a dozen times and which is heard all the time on the pitch,” Materazzi told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper when asked whether he had insulted Zidane’s sister.

“I certainly did not call him a terrorist: I’m ignorant, I don’t even know exactly what an Islamic terrorist is … I also certainly didn’t say anything about Zidane’s mother: for me, a mother is sacrosanct.”
Zidane has not explained his actions publicly although he is expected to later this week. Materazzi said the incident started when he grabbed Zidane by the shirt.

“He turned round, he said to me with a sneer, looking at me up and down, mockingly ‘If you really want my shirt, I’ll give it to you afterwards’,” the Italian said.

Never heard of a terrorist? Materazzi? Ever Hear about a football?

To make a comment like that after admitting to have insulted the french captain is very foolish on his part…

or maybe he is in complete denial against the War on Terror…

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