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Did Someone Call us Rude?

Posted by JD on July 12, 2006

Mumbai the rudest: Reader’s Digest poll
We are sorry to report that it is Mumbai, India.
The rudest continent is Asia. Eight out of nine cities tested there, including Mumbai, finished in the bottom 11.
Reader’s Digest, which has readers in 21 languages, is publishing the results in its July issue.

(i have my july issue with me while im writing this)

In the Event of Tragedy Eight Blasts hit Mumbai , the people of mumbai have put their best foot forward…

People (with cars,etc) offered to help (transport) to stranded people…
Citizens came forward and brought all sorts of ammenities for the victims…
People Lined up to donate blood for the injured victims of the blasts…

…just as 7/26 incident…

A Commendable effort came in the form of bloggers (Blog) who helped people abroad get in touch with their family thorugh the blog and posted all sorts of info…

To all the people who came forward, Thank You!

And to that survey of RD (which i regard as a very good magazine) …i would request a second opinion…


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