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Italy! Italy! Italy!

Posted by JD on July 10, 2006

…it over! Italy have won…one of the best matches i saw…both sides pretty balanced…

* Zidane’s Penalty

For the First Half i thought France was quite lucky…Italy clearly looked the better side with ball possession going upto 63% (wow!) ….the penalty given was completely unfair…it looked like a desperate dive to me…if it hadn’t been for the penalty france would have been screwed over in 90 minutes…luck favoured france for the first half

* Materazzi Goal
A Genuine goal…fantastic header over the goalkeeper…

* Second Half : The Comeback

France Came off good in the second half…i did feel the french held the ball for a longer time during the begining of the second half but then it settled towards equal possession…

* Extra Time : The French Oppurtunities

France had two oppurtuniies to score…one was a zidane header (104) [which i thought was awesome] and the other i cant remmember the ball missed the goal post by an inch (dammn, cant remmember the guys name)

* Zidane Shock : (link to newsstory)

What the hell’s the matter with Zidane? he headbutted his italian counter right at the crucial stage…i mean seriously did he know about the 75 camera’s catching him?

im sure the guy (italian) did say something to him? probably an insult…but COME ON, a headbutt? it was hard to see him go but it was the right thing to do…Read Carded!

he could’nt even claim the runnerup medal coz of his ejection…sad story since it was also the last world cup he’d play and probably the last game before his retirement….

Anyways it did give a huge advantage for italy in the last 10 minutes..with 1 man advantage…
which they failed to make a goal off…

* The End : The ShootOut

Probably the most unfair way to decide a match since a penalty shootout doesn’t really have anything to do with the team….its about a attacker,the keeper, the ball and huge net…

David Trezeguet misses a penalty…the ball hits the bar (top) and bounces a few inches outside the line…
Italy did not miss any…banged all 5 into the net…

Would it have been a different story if zidane was active? who knows? i guess,we’ll never find out…

Result : 5-3 Victory of Italy over the French…

I’m glad for italy…

1) Italy
2) France
3) Germany (3-1 victory over Portugal..)

hmm…i should probably order a pizza and party for the italians…well, i’m off…

Edit: oooh! Forgot to mention…Shakira “shaked her hips” at WC finals…:)


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