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Posted by JD on July 10, 2006

Have You Ever recieved a Chain Letter or a JunkMail from your friends? 90% of the time i did were from female friends…
you’d be suprised even guys

they forward you links to a flash game, or a picture of the moon…why? coz someone forwarded the same to them…

What’s the Deal With these people, eh? Why? Why in the world do they keep circulating those chainletters? Those Stupid Emails of cuddly bears , hearts, and all that mushy stuff…an irresistable urge to “Reply->Send to all in Address book”…

i’m sick of it…once i had replied to a female friend not re-chain these kinda letters…you think she listened? nooooo…she replied the very next day…with paparazzi pictures of [someone i cant remember]…

Typical GF’s Email

dear JD,

hey, i found this cool think on the internet…chk it out…its so beautifull and lovely…blah blah blah..and all that sortta crap…

don’t you just hate it when that happens?

What incited this post?
well, a few hours ago…
I just checked my Email and i was suprised to see 2 new emails (both junk) from my ex (oh! boy!)…both were one of those crappy emails that have a long “Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:…” for a subject…

the mail was apparently sent to all in her address list..and for some reason i’m still on her address list…
it has been about 6 months since i last saw her…
well, You have probably guessed what i did…yeah! i introduced her to my “Ignore list”…now, my inbox will have fewer “Make a wish”,”What is Friendship?”….

I’m sorry to point fingers but it has been noticed that Women have a tendency to forward chainletters,junkmails…
The following is an opinion i hold owing to my real life experiences…

In all Seriousness,
if your one of these Chain Letter /JunkMail Addicts…Do something about it

Please Forward this Message to all your friends…:D


One Response to “ChainLetters”

  1. Capri said

    I agree with you about chain letters, on every point, including that it’s mostly women who send them. And some just don’t know how to take a hint, and aren’t interested in learning that forwards are phony, often misleading, and the most impersonal crap! And try to find a chat mailing list that doesn’t allow this junk – good luck. In fact, I found one that didn’t allow forwards, but it’s a moderated list, so I don’t post much because I don’t like waiting for my posts to get through, and then for the replies if there are any. Well, on this list, a member has sent invites to her lists. They are “penpal lists” I’m not into that format, don’t like submitting and looking through profiles to “match up” with people as penpals. Well, not only is this teedius, but she sends stupid chain mail! Not a horrendous amount, but it’s still chain mail. I’ve left one of her lists recently because of it, but she invited me to another list. Curious, and holding out for a possible difference, I joined. Same ol’ profile stuff, and she’s sent several chain mails. She takes the fwd and “Send it on to all your friends” out, but I know chain mail when I see it. The latest being a sickly sweet “Special friends hug” thing. I screamed, and then saved the wav file that was in the background. I posted to the list that at least I got a good song out of it. But I’ll be leaving that list as well, does she never get the hint? Guess not when other people are praising her for sending such “funny” or “beautiful” stuff. Argh. I’m going to send a couple of web sites to get the hint across, , leave that list, and then post in my Sound Off pbwiki, a good thing to have whenever somebody sends me a chain mail that makes me want to kill things.

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